Everyone Loves Popcorn!

Everybody loves popcorn! Whether it is just with plain salt, buttered up, gourmet styled, chocolate covered, dipped in cheddar, sweetened with caramel or glazed with sugar....everyone loves popcorn!

Explore a variety of gift ideas and recipes you can order such as gourmet gift baskets and custom personalized gifts.

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personalised popcorn bowls

This is by no mistake a favorite snack that knows no age limit. It is enjoyed by both the young and old. It is easy to make, a very fast snack to whip up, extremely affordable and it tastes delish plain, with just butter or with seasonings!

Learn about the history of this yummy snack and even get facts that may surprise you. Do you know who invented such great tasting snack?

Get reviews on your next popper machine and you may even find your next favorite kitchen must have!


Enjoy making easy and amazing recipes. Experiment with different flavors of this delicious snack. Try cheddar, caramel, peanut butter or even cinnamon. Give them as gifts or order a gift basket for a loved one. 

Share your ideas and amazing recipes too!

There are also great recipe books to add your collection. With ways to make your popcorn taste gourmet with herbs and spices readily available in your kitchen.


Get into the fun stuff like National Pop corn Day, there is even a Month dedicated to this wholesome snack.


Delicious gifts for holidays are popular with everyone. They are especially appropriate for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendship Day, Grandparent’s Day, Boss’ Day, Super Bowl, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve for starters.


You can have even more fun with clipart and pictures. Share photos of you and your favorite bowl of popped corn! Whether it is fresh from the microwave, on a roof top, while riding your bicycle, with your favorite friend, your favorite brand....we want to see it! Share your popped fun!

How to make money from your popping corn

Since everyone loves this healthy snack, you may consider turning your passion into a business. Consider purchasing a franchise or a vending machine to earn some extra cash! Learn what you need for fundraising ventures.


You will find information and reviews on poppers available. With popular brands such as Presto , Whirley Pop , Cuisinart and Westbend . You can keep traditional with the stovetop and campfire poppers like jiffy pop or you can go with a conventional microwave popper . But electric hot air poppers are making their way into many homes who love this healthy snack without oil.

This website is yours as much as it is mine. This is a place where you can really spend a great deal of time helping others by sharing your views and insights on popcorn. So have pop in and have fun!

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