Jiffy Pop Popcorn
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personalised popcorn bowls

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personalised popcorn bowls
jiffy pop popcorn

Jiffy Pop Popcorn - 4.5 oz pan - box of 24 - can be used on the stovetop or make an exciting camping popcorn popper.

Looking for a Campfire Popcorn Holder for Jiffy Pop?

jiffy pop popcorn holder

This is a must have if you are a regular jiffy pop user, the Jiffy Pop camp fire popcorn holder has a long extension that ensures safety and keeps you away from the fire's heat.

Where to find Jiffy Pop Stove top Popcorn

For those who are just like me and have been searching far and wide to re-live some childhood memories, you may have been wondering where to find jiff pop. You can purchase Jiffy Pop at this Online Store. You can consider getting one jiffy pop or indulge in a case of 12 or a case of 24.

It is reasonably priced and the price is much lower when bought in bulk. Buying it in bulk may be a great idea for family gatherings and for entertaining friends.

How to Make Jiffy Pop

Making Jiffy Pop can occur on your stovetop, your fireplace or over a camp fire. Basically, any open fire can be used to make this homemade popcorn treat.

  • To make jiffy pop on your stove top, set it at medium heat. After about 5 minutes get your jiffy pop container over the heated stove and start shaking.
  • You will start to hear the sizzling as the kernels get warmed up. A few minutes into shaking you should start to hear popping. The foil begins expanding and forming an expanded dome shape.
  • Continue shaking until the popping slows down. Remove from heat and carefully poke the top with a knife or another utensil.
  • Look out for extremely hot steam that starts escaping and be careful while handling.
  • Pour into a bowl or eat right out of the jiffy pop foil.

Check out the video below where jiffy pop is made over the fire place.

Happy Popping!

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